Telluride Medical Partners Acquires Three Novel Medical Device Companies

Telluride Medical Partners announced today that it has acquired three novel medical device startup companies within the sleep, oncology and mechanical ventilation industries.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have these companies under the Telluride Medical Partners portfolio,” says Eric Wells, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Telluride Medical Partners. “Each of these companies is both disruptive and revolutionary within their respected fields, and we can’t wait to take each to their next level of growth”, says Wells.

The cohort of companies and their technology is incredibly impressive, to say the least.

Chrona Sleep’s proprietary sleep-sensing device applies acoustic neuromodulation to enhance sleep and neuroplasticity, targeting more than 113 million sleep-deprived Americans. The market is expected to experience explosive growth with projections of 248 million devices sold worldwide in 2017 and upwards of one billion in 2020.

Lighthill Medical, Inc. is developing a family of catheters for the delivery of oncology agents for image-guided, minimally invasive interventional procedures. Over 700,000 individuals globally are diagnosed with liver cancer alone every year and 85% are non-resectable, which equates to 573,000 individuals who are potential candidates for targeted therapy. This represents a $340M market opportunity.

Utilizing a proprietary open-loop algorithm along with additional sensor inputs across the thoracic cavity, Nespiro has developed a new data-driven solution for mechanical ventilation weaning and prediction of post-extubation complications. As an accessory product business model, Nespiro’s market is an estimated $192M in the U.S. on disposable components alone.

With an experienced team comprised of business entrepreneurs and medical device startup experts, Telluride Medical Partners prides itself in investing in creative opportunities to provide value-added operational and managerial leadership, strategic business planning and the necessary capital to grow prosperous medical device companies while realizing each company's unique business objectives.

“Smart medical strategy is our mission,” says Wells. “We are excited to grow and take these companies to full commercialization or an early exit through acquisition.”