Telluride Medical Partners Secures Contract with Medical Device Company Capture Vascular Inc.

Telluride Medical Partners (TMP) is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract with Capture Vascular Inc. (Capture Vascular), an early stage medical device company that has developed and is commercializing innovative Mechanical Thrombectomy Systems.

“We are thrilled to have Capture Vascular and its platform technology, the MegaVacTM Mechanical Thrombectomy System, as part of the Telluride Medical Partners portfolio,” says Eric Manzanares, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of TMP. “The technology is extremely unique and provides a tremendous amount of utility throughout the vasculature.”

Comprised of proprietary technology that includes the MegaVacTM Catheter with SafeSealTM Technology and the ThromboWireTM Clot Retractor, Capture Vascular’s MegaVacTM Mechanical Thrombectomy System is designed to safely and effectively occlude vessels, encumbering the potential for distal embolization, while removing thrombus and emboli throughout the peripheral and coronary vasculature. The combination of occlusion, disruption and complete removal provides numerous advantages over currently available devices.

“Typical balloon-type occlusion methods today exceed the optimal occlusion pressure as there is no known endpoint for occlusion other than injecting contrast in the vessel (a trial-and-error approach), hence most balloons are inflated beyond the optimal sealing pressure to assure a true seal,” explains Manzanares. “Capture’s MegaVacTM Catheter with SafeSealTM Technology utilizes minimal outward radial force along with the patient’s own blood pressure to create a ‘safe seal’ of the vessel proximally to the target work zone. The ability to arrest distal blood flow and naturally center and anchor allows physicians to work continuously in a static-flow environment without blood flow interference. When you combine this unique and effective occlusion capability with efficient aspiration and the ThromboWireTM Clot Retractor, you have a device with tremendous utility.”

Capture Vascular has a strong portfolio of 30 patents with protection until 2031, and both the MegaVacTM Catheter with SafeSealTM Technology and ThromboWireTM Clot Retractor devices have received FDA 510(k) clearance for thrombectomy and temporary occlusion of blood flow.

“This is a really exciting time for Capture,” says Manzanares. “Last fall, renowned cardiologist Jeffrey Chambers, MD, of the Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute performed several clinical experience cases in Coon Rapids, Minn.. The results were overwhelmingly positive and we are eager to get the first devices out to market.”

Capture Vascular’s first commercialized units specific to ATK peripheral treatment will be available next month in the United States. “Capture Vascular currently has distribution partners within the Pacific Northwest, Michigan and Ohio, as well as several others near completion,” says Manzanares. “We have also negotiated distribution agreements with groups outside of the United States, including in the Netherlands, Italy, South America and most of Asia.”

Capture Vascular is in the process of finalizing its coronary solution, and is also developing a device for treatment of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) and a separate device for treatment of pulmonary embolism (PE). The coronary solution is expected to be available in Q3 of 2017 and the DVT and PE solutions should be available commercially in 2018-19.

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