Vatrix Medical Shareholders Vote To Merge with Nectero Medical Inc.

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Nectero Medical Inc. (Nectero Medical), established by medical device industry experts Bruce Roberts and Jack Springer, along with Telluride Medical Partners’ Founder and CEO, Eric Wells, has officially merged with Vatrix Medical, a company that developed a technology to prevent and treat vascular aneurysms, a fatal disease that causes the walls of blood vessels to expand, weaken and ultimately rupture.

“We are pleased to announce that in early May 2017 the Vatrix Medical shareholders passed the vote and Nectero Medical will now oversee the technology under the management of Telluride Medical Partners,” says Wells, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Telluride Medical Partners. “The team has initiated a development plan and is eager to bring the technology to market,” stated Wells.

Currently the sole treatment for abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) is surgical intervention, and only five percent of patients are candidates for this high-risk procedure. In addition, 600,000+ patients are anxiously living with risk of fatal rupture and greater than two million patients worldwide are actively promoting free screening programs that will expand the patient base.

“Disruptive and unique, Nectero Medical’s vascular procedure called AAvert includes a patented polymer called Pentagalloyl glucose, or PGG, that is derived from plant polyphenols and helps to stop abdominal aortic aneurism growth to ultimately improve tissue strength. An industry game changer, this minimally invasive procedure can change the treatment paradigm and quality of life for more than 600K patients,” says Wells.

With a combined portfolio of 21 patents, next steps for Nectero Medical includes gathering clinical safety and efficacy data as well as securing its CE mark to sell outside of the United States.