TMP Secures $2.2 Million in New Financing

Telluride Medical Partners (TMP) announced today that it has secured $2.2 million in new financing that will be invested into TMP’s portfolio of companies.
The new financing comes from two investors and closed at the end of 2017, with a large portion coming from a private individual with a family office in Houston, Texas that invests in energy, real estate and medical, among other industries. The second investment came from Regis Medical, a German company that specializes in the commercialization and distribution of high-quality and innovative medical device products.
“We are excited to have two new investors involved with TMP who both bring their own set of industry connections to help advance TMP and its portfolio of companies,” stated Eric Wells, CEO and Founder of Telluride Medical Partners. “This new funding will go towards the continued development and commercialization of each company’s disruptive medical device technology,” stated Wells.
TMP continues to attract interest from partners and investors alike and the team is focused on further exposing its companies by attending elite industry conferences and networking events.
“We received a great amount of interest from strategic partners and investors from around the world while attending meetings at the recent J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco,” stated Wells. “As we continue to advance each company it is imperative to stay connected with medical device experts and industry influencers to continue to drive interest and market our companies. We look forward to cultivating these new relationships in the coming weeks,” stated Wells.

TMP’s portfolio of companies is impressive to say the least.

Capture Vascular’s proprietary thrombectomy system, the MegaVacTM Mechanical Thrombectomy System, is a disruptive technology that offers several unique features in one simple device such as centering and securing the occlusion funnel tip position within the vessel, as well as being able to pass other lesion disruptive devices through its lumen. Its unique design and broad indications for use makes it appropriate for several key markets with a total worldwide market opportunity greater than $500M.
Nectero Medical focuses on the development of the disruptive early-stage treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA), and has developed a patented compound called pentagalloyl glucose that stabilizes elastin and improves tissue strength that can be used as early treatment for patients living with AAA. Nectero Medical’s potential customers include the currently diagnosed and undiagnosed 1 million people in the US living with AAA between the size of 4.0 and 5.0cm in diameter. Note the US only represents 25.6 percent of the world AAA market.
Chrona Sleep’s proprietary sleep therapy technology applies acoustic neuromodulation to enhance sleep and neuroplasticity, targeting more than 113 million sleep-deprived Americans. The market is expected to experience explosive growth with projections of one billion sleep therapy devices to be sold in 2020.
Lighthill Medical is developing a family of catheters for the delivery of oncology agents for image-guided, minimally invasive interventional procedures. Over 700,000 individuals globally are diagnosed with liver cancer alone every year and 85 percent are non-resectable, which equates to 573,000 individuals who are potential candidates for targeted therapy. This represents a $340M market opportunity.
Nespiro has developed a new data-driven solution for mechanical ventilation weaning and prediction of post-extubation complications utilizing a proprietary open-loop algorithm along with additional sensor inputs across the thoracic cavity. As an accessory product business model, Nespiro’s market is an estimated $192M in the US specific to disposable components alone. 

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About Telluride Medical Partners LLC
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