Senior Vice President, Kelvin Ning, Joins Panel of Sleep Experts at JLABS @ TMC

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Chrona Sleep, Inc. (Chrona) announced today that Kelvin Ning, Senior Vice President at Telluride Medical Partners LLC, joined a panel of sleep experts from Johnson and Johnson to discuss the swiftly growing sleep space. The discussion was hosted at Johnson and Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS).

“We are honored to have Chrona recognized as one of Johnson and Johnson’s innovative products and to see Kelvin working with the team at JLABS @ TMC.  We look forward to launching the Chrona Sleep device in the fall of 2019,” stated Wells.
Kelvin discussed Chrona’s new device that applies neuromodulation to enhance sleep and neuroplasticity. Individuals will have in-home access to a more restorative sleep which will help users wake up feeling more alert and energetic.