Kelvin Ning, SVP, will be a Featured Speaker at JLABS @ TMC's "How Consumer Digitization is Disrupting the Sleep Market" Event

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Telluride Medical Partners' Senior Vice President, Kelvin Ning, will be a featured speaker at JLABS @ TMC event "How Consumer Digitization is Disrupting the Sleep Market".

According to experts, we spend about one third of our lives sleeping – or attempting to do so. From wearables to sleep accessories and apps, the market has been swiftly growing and developing in recent years. That is why teams at Johnson & Johnson Innovation are exploring the relatively untouched space to understand sleep and how digitization can disrupt the market.

To uncover trends, findings and perspectives on this topic, Johnson & Johnson Innovation has gathered a panel of innovators to discuss this hot topic and shed light on what’s to come in the developing sleep market.

The discussion will take place on September 6, 2018 at JLABS @ TMC in Houston, TX. Interested in attending? Register here.